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Here’s a summary of yesterday’s session, courtesy of Harrison’s twitter feed, in reverse chronological order. Make sure you take a look at his photos too!

thank you @CornerstoneInc for a great reception. Another Fort Lauderdale time elapse picture to celebrate. #impacthr

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trying to think of something clever to say about big data and big boats, but brain is full… #impacthr

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Finally the clouds break and we are enlightened with knowledge and warmth (and ideas about analytics) #impacthr

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Congratulations to Bersin “What Works” award winners! #impacthr

Steven Rice “Benchmarking is interesting but not helpful” #impacthr

Steven Rice, Juniper networks, what a great down-to-earth no BS approach. #impacthr

Free Return On People maturity assessment#impacthr

“Distinctly Disney, Authentically Chinese” -J. Bersin. Great characterization of Global/Local operating model that we aspire to. #impacthr

The best way to predict the future is to create it. So, what does your business need tomorrow to be? #IMPACTHR

“entrepreneurs of talent” sounds like the makings of reality tv show. Part joking, but it might actually help #impacthr

Only one of the four on the panel has the title of CHRO, is the title important or the mindset? #impacthr

the BOLD CHRO panel with Disney, Extra Space Storage, United Health, and Juniper Networks #impacthr

the business will see HR as a cost until HR shows a profit. #impacthr

Revenue Per Employee, simple measurement that can be deceptively hard to get. #impacthr

My personal hobby of building guitars and HR Measurement meet in this blog post:  #impacthr

Which system would you go to for an employee count? Is there more than one? Would you get the same answer? #impacthr

the big wins are not usually exclusive to hr data – Jeff Buchmiller, Alliance Data #impacthr

Analytics starts with the business and not the needs of HR. Who do you talk to first? #impacthr

2 of 3 panelists in predictive analysis didn’t come from HR roles. #impacthr

Step 1 to analytics: get smarter about the question. #impacthr

Thought I recognized Mayank Jain, IRC correctly he presented at #learning12 on behalf of amex, now with eBay. Mobile talent. #impacthr

building capability in predictive analytics at #impacthr with Alliance Data, eBay, and Aleris

Social people search is the new recruiting nirvana, is knowledge management next?How do we “recruit” internally for capability. #impacthr

from the crowd: correlation is not causation. true dat. #imapacthr

Return on People Analytics maturity is a slope not a step. Get what you can and utilize it to enable the next step. #impacthr

Dear CLO, read what the the CHRO reads, worry about what the CHRO worries about, or get called to the table on it. #impacthr

Distributed HR does not necessarily mean decentralized, does not mean disconnected, and absolutely does not mean inconsistent. #impacthr

Pfizer data shows rehire status is strong predictor #imapcthr

Being predictive with analytics requires a shift from being reactive to being proactive. #impacthr

71% of surveyed executives express very high (43%) or high concern (28%) about losing critical talent. (Deloitte) #impacthr

Whatever we say about “learning” almost always transcends into HR. Learning plans are annual, just as well be HR, Talent, Etc. #imapcthr

learning that doesn’t lead to performance =  #impacthr

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38% of respondents cite “lack of understanding of how to use analytics to improve the business” as barrier to adopting analytics #impacthr

Newsflash: Nobody has time for anything (including learning) they don’t derive value from. #impacthr

measurement inexorably leads people to mistake the measures themselves for the things they were intended to measure. -C. Green #impacthr

IBM used predictive model to project $9M in savings by strategically reducing attrition by 2.7% #impacthr

“Heat Map” hurts my head but clearly shows differentiation #impacthr

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Does your company have a set definition of what an FTE consists of? Most of my clients do not, and it is not uncommon. #impacthr

Waiting for somebody to do something about that? Wait … aren’t you somebody? #impacthr

5 levels of analytics: Social, External, Internal, Predictive, Enterprise-wide #impacthr

From book: Competing on Analytics, Davenport and Harris #impacthr

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According to IBM study 71% of companies cite human capital as a leading concern #impacthr

Waiting for somebody to do something about that? Wait … aren’t you somebody? #imapcthr

Analytics Driving Action with Jonathan Ferrar, IBM #impacthr

Agile Performance Management- Shift from competitive ranking to continuous coaching #impacthr

Social people search is the new recruiting nirvana, is knowledge management next?How do we “recruit” internally for capability. #imapacthr

30-35% higher returns on process when shift from annual performance reviews to quarterly. Agree, but how measuring “return” #impacthr

Agile Performance Management- Shift from competitive ranking to continuous coaching #imapcthr

changing from “learning” to “capability and performance” #impacthr

Experience design note: I sat in the middle so I could see Josh, screens are now too far away to read infographics. #imapacthr

Bersin drivers: 1. gaps in leadership, skills, and ed. 2. Explosive role of technology 3. Disparities in economic growth & opp. #impacthr  -very wise words from @Josh_Bersin #impacthr

Wise words from others:

@hirevuejosh Steven Rice, EVP HR at Juniper Networks – If I can’t deliver content on a mobile device, my execs won’t read it. #impacthr

‏@charlietierney #hranalytics 2 ways 2 do it. Small group doing cool stuff OR embed the analytics into hr culture…everything u do. #ImpactHR

@StaciaGarr #impacthr Speed of accessing info is most determined by having clear data definitions. #hranalytics

@emmajs24 HR orgs should build networks of expertise, not centers of excellence #impacthr

@bollinger Best quote today -Extra Space Storage – “our competition is the dumpster” – Bruce Boycher – CHRO #impacthr

@rgravelin #impacthr Metrics change based on the needs of the business partner. “If it’s not measured, it’s not real.” — Yetter

@rgravelin #impacthr We get locked into annual learning plans, but the business changes more frequently that annually.

@davidkoehn #impacthr …map the global local L&D model to the overall operating model of your business… CLO Fishbowl